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First Day!!!

Posted by Turner Farms Maple Syrup on March 8, 2011 at 5:53 PM

I suppose I'll have to talk to the boy about this blogging deal. I'm not getting the page to come up right. At any rate today is March 6th, 2011. The first day of boiling. what a horrendous day. It is no longer snowing in the Berkshires, instead we are being graced with a downpour. Generally we love a hard freeze followed by rain and then another hard freeze but this morning we woke to frozen sap in the truck tank, (Paul was washing the Reverse Osmosis machine so he left the sap overnight) so no way to get it out without crawling on top and thawing it out. AFter this Paul emptied the sap and concentrated it in the RO while he went to pick up a new load of sap. The truck---now full of sap---blew its drive shaft going up the steep hill we lost our combine and dump truck on last year. God I hate the beginning of Michell Street in Hillsdale. Well we're still waiting for Gerorge's garage to pick the truck up. (That poor guy has had the same luck as we have call after call from big trucks all needing a tow in the downpour.) We boiled a couple thousand gallons of sap tonight but still haven't sweeted the evaporator....aka drawn off maple syrup. We will be posting photo's of our first boil soon. Complete with the dinner turned picnic. Generally when we eat at the sugarhouse we just grab "dozer food" but we were planning to eat at home. the menu.....Crown roast, red cabbage and rice pilaf. skipped the salad---to hard to travel with that. It was good but I wouldn't suggest it on a take out menu. Trevor claims it was the best roast i ever made. Must have been the maple steam flowing through the sugarhouse. anyway...someday I'll learn how to use this blogging system. until then thanks for reading:)  


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